APM is a leading contemporary jewellery brand, synonymous with the chic of Monaco and South of France lifestyle. The brand originated in Monaco and successfully grew a global footprint with a significant presence in Asia.

APM started as an original design manufacturer (ODM) for leading European distributors in 1982. The Company relocated productions to China in 1992 and launched its own jewelry brand APM Monaco 20 years later. Headquartered in Hong Kong, APM combines contemporary luxury with fast retailing, two best-performing categories, capitalizing on strong demand from an upcoming generation and increasing lifestyle spending in China. With its in-house design experts, APM is a pioneer in the fashion jewelry space with strong product innovation. APM have more than 200 stores in 26 countries.


  • Creation 1982
  • Shift towards China 2005
  • Launch of own brand 2012
  • Trail investment 2019