TRAIL announces the launch of SLAM, an investment fund dedicated to the sports, luxury, art and music sectors

Paris, December 20, 2023, TRAIL announces the launch of the SLAM private equity fund, which will invest in the Sport, Luxury, Art and Music industries. The fund takes a unique approach, combining TRAIL’s investment experience with the know-how of leading athletes, experts, and entrepreneurs in these fields. Formula 1 driver Pierre Gasly is one of the founders of the SLAM fund.


Sport, Luxury, Art and Music are increasingly interconnected, and constitute booming industries, offering inspiring personal and collective experiences. SLAM’s vocation is to be the committed investment partner of companies with strong growth potential, helping them to develop into global champions in their fields.


Europe is proving to be one of the most attractive areas for investment in the SLAM sector. It is already home to many world leaders, and boasts major assets thanks to its fertile past, innovative environment, favorable regulatory framework and immense wealth of talent.


In addition, France’s leadership in SLAM sectors, notably in luxury goods and in sports with the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024, is continually strengthening and leading these to play a major role for the French economy. As an investment company anchored in Paris, TRAIL thus wishes to actively contribute to the influence of French and European excellence around the world.


Xavier Marin, President of TRAIL: « The strength of the SLAM fund lies in the creation of value generated by the growing synergies between the sports, luxury goods, art and music sectors, which are currently treated separately by investors. SLAM is part of a sustainable growth approach to its businesses, and thus contributes to create a new investor model. ».


Pierre GASLY, Formula 1 driver: « I am very happy to be associated with the launch of the SLAM fund alongside TRAIL, working closely with its team who were able to identify the tremendous opportunity to cross promising and innovative sectors. Bringing together personalities from different backgrounds and with strong complementarities constitutes a differentiating asset to support entrepreneurs who trust TRAIL and help them become champions in their field.».


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