TRAIL launches the first Web3 fund dedicated to the Luxury, Arts, Music and Sport sectors (LAMS Web 3 fund) in partnership with Julien Bouteloup

Our convictions: Far from being a fad or a knock-on effect, blockchain and its still nascent applications represent a real technological revolution and a major industrial challenge that we want to follow and support.

Our ambition: To deliver a first-class performance to investors by contributing to the development of the French and European Web 3 ecosystem and to catalyze their development in sectors of French excellence.

To achieve this ambition, the LAMS Web 3 fund intends to support the most promising entrepreneurs from the start. The fund therefore provides a bridge between the new metaverse technologies and the business sectors in which Europe, and France in particular, excel: Luxury, Arts, Music and Sport.

To realize this “bridge”, TRAIL partners with Stake Capital and its founder Julien Bouteloup. Web 3 pioneer, Julien Bouteloup is also founder of Blackpool (decentralized investment fund dedicated to NFTs), StakeDAO (decentralized finance platform) and Rekt (media platform exclusively dedicated to crypto/DeFi). He and his teams will bring their know-how and expertise of the sector to help TRAIL make the best investments of the moment and help the portfolio companies make the right technological choices.

TRAIL, an independent private equity management company, provides its experience as a traditional investor and its expertise in the sectors concerned acquired through its past investments and its ecosystem of leading advisors, particularly in the luxury sector.

This summer, TRAIL has completed a first round of financing with entrepreneurs and family offices, with the objective of making about fifteen investments in the coming months, given a strong pipeline of quality investment opportunities.

The challenge of web3 is to share the adoption with the largest number of people and we are convinced that this adoption will first be done by the communities, where the various web3 tools (token, NFT, DAO, …) allow a direct link and a fair sharing of the value. Therefore, Trail has decided to sectorize its investment strategy around four verticals gathering strong and passionate communities: Luxury, Art, Music and Sport“.

Pierre MARIN, Partner of TRAIL “LAMS WEB 3”.

Our LAMS Web 3 fund is a unique platform of experiences and resources that will enable the young companies we support to accelerate their development by promoting the emergence of the best use cases, both meaningful and value creators. Also, convinced that it is important to gather the greatest number of people to these deep mutations, TRAIL proposes, beside its institutional fund, a “private investors” declination to allow individual investors to access our Web3 investments through our FCPR fund “LAMS WEB 3”.

Olivier CHARTIER, Partner of TRAIL.

I am happy to partner with TRAIL to launch one of the first Web3 thematic funds. The strength and originality of our approach lie in the meeting of two worlds which must learn to work and create together, blockchain entrepreneurs and traditional industries. It is from an in-depth sharing of experience that relevant and useful use cases will emerge for the greatest number of people.”

Julien Bouteloup, founder of Stake Capital, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the TRAIL fund “LAMS WEB 3”.